Dylan Thomas remains one of the most eminently quotable of 20th century poets, lyrical,  musical, accessible, with an extraordinary capacity for imaginative use of vocabulary and imagery.

dylan thomasIn this, the centenary year of his birth, Graffeg is publishing notecards and bookmarks featuring Dylan’s most famous quotes, plus some intriguing lesser known ones, and a stunning calendar featuring further pearls of wisdom from the poet.

Pearls of wisdom from Thomas

Do not go gentle into that good night
Old age should burn and rave against the close of the day
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Dylan Thomas

Quotes include the inspirational

The ball I threw
While playing in the park
Has not yet reached the ground

And the pithy

And now,
Gentlemen, like your manners
I must leave you

Peter Gill, director of Graffeg says,

“Dylan Thomas’s sayings are instantly recognisable. Some are tremendously moving, others ethereal, some witty and other catty.  The notecards, bookmarks and calendar will make ideal gifts for those who enjoy mulling over a thought provoking observation.”

A box of ten notecards and envelopes costs – £7.99

The Dylan Thomas calendar costs – £7.99

A3 poster – £5.99

Available from Graffeg – www.graffeg.com

The Dylan Thomas Centenary Festival runs from  October 27 – November 9 – the dates of his birth and death.

There will be a special event on Monday, October 27 – Catching Dylan by the Tail, in the company of his biographer, Andrew Lycett.   Further information www.dylanthomas.com/2014-centenary.